Four Frames- A Mother’s Day Reflection

Frame 1 I always knew I’d be a mom. It was a given: a belief so taken-for-granted that I only began to question it when Kent and I weren’t getting pregnant after 10 months of trying. After 3 years of failed fertility treatments and few possibilities on the adoption front, I had to confront theContinue reading “Four Frames- A Mother’s Day Reflection”

Happy Things & Empty Things

“It’s just so nice when happy things happen,” Kent tells me on our drive home from a 3-day camping trip with my cousins. During the trip, my cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her, and we had the opportunity to celebrate them- we raised our glasses against the backdrop of a peaceful, canoe-access-only lake. We rode onContinue reading “Happy Things & Empty Things”

Power Poles and Healing

This week, we attended a ceremony where nine themed children’s IV poles that our friends and family helped to raise money for in Miles’ memory were donated to our local hospital. We partnered with a wonderful non-profit, the Fight Like Mason Foundation, which was started by two parents who lost their 4-year-old son Mason toContinue reading “Power Poles and Healing”